PayPal Live Balance

The component extracts and displays the live balance from your PayPal account. You could post it on your homepage or somewhere on your site to always see your balance, or in any other location where balance is needed.
It uses api_username and api_password. See description on how to get these.
- Watch it for 10-20 seconds and notice how balance updates live
- Click it to enable/disable sound notifications.

PayPal balance widget preview.

This component can be used on your browser homepage if you want to keep an eye on your paypal balance.
Another good use would be to place it on sites where donations are raised, visitors would be able to see the current amount live.

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This component requires PHP support on your server, but the component itself can be displayed in static .html pages or any other page. It will communicate with the PHP file in background.
Source file is editable with Adobe Flash 7 (2004) and all future versions (8,CS3, CS4, etc).

When you click it to enable/disable sound notifications, it will remember your option for next time when component is loaded.

It uses paypal api username and api password, this is not your normal paypal login.
Here is a screen. Enter these details in balance.php and that's it.

If you will need help with it, just contact us.